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Livin’ in the city doesn’t mean you don’t still have squirrel problems.


I’ve debated what kind of blogger I want to be. The kind that kills you with every mundane detail the second it happens, or the kind that saves up the little stuff for longer, less frequent posts. I guess I’m the latter. Procrastinate enough and time decides everything for you.

Not much has happened garden wise since my last post. The chives are still going strong, the peas sprouted and are now about 2 inches high. The strawberries are flowering and have taken over another foot into the Roma tomato area. Everything in the inside seed trays looks pretty good, some of the little pepper plants have some yellowish leaves, but I hope to be able to pull them through till it’s time to plant them outside. The crocuses, daffs, and tulips that managed to hide from the squirrels have come and gone and half the front bed is being taken over by the exuberant bleeding heart bush. Next year I really should take pictures of everything as it comes and goes. The front bed kind of transforms throughout the growing season.

You’d think that, living in the city, I wouldn’t have problems with squirrels, but I do. Our back yard is host to one of the larger trees in the neighborhood (It’s an evergreen that’s taller than our 3 story house.) and despite the presence of 2 large dogs in the building the bold little suckers that live in it, still manage to dig up almost all my daff and tulip bulbs and store them for the winter. I’m not sure what to do about that besides just planting more and hoping they just keep missing a few a year till I have as many as I want.

This weekend’s plans include planting carrot and sunflower seeds directly in the garden and hopefully spreading some grass seed in some of the patchy dirt areas of the lawn. Last springs ‘more grass in the shady back lawn’ project (I really suck at naming projects) seems to have taken, as there is much more nice lush grass back there and only a few bare patches. That is pretty much a direct turn around from the bare patches with small tufty grass mounds of last year, so yay for us. The giant pine tree didn’t kill nearly as much of the new grass as anticipated. Probably mostly because I swept the fallen needles off of it pretty much as soon as they fell. I’m not sure which genus of evergreen tree ours is but either way, it’s one of the only evergreens I’ve ever seen that drops tons of needles in the fall. Evergreen my ass.