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CityDirtGirl- the only person in the world who can’t grow a Chia pet.


Yeah, you read that right. Sitting in my window is a sad little Bart Simpson Chia head that I got for Christmas. Just like the commercial says, I spread the seeds, watered it, and sat back to watch it….. not grow. Why would TV lie?

Lucky for me ole’ Bart seems to be the only thing not growing in the house at the moment. Pretty much everything I started inside last week is already sprouting. The crocuses are having a party in the front planter and a few daffodils crashed it.

The almighty spring planting calender (I swear by the end of the season I’m going to have built a shrine and possibly a church for this thing) says that this weekend the peas should go directly in the garden outside. I’m going to have to find time during my St. Patty’s Day festivities of whiskey and stumbling around to start getting the veggie area ready to plant.

Have a safe St. Pat’s everyone!