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Weeds are green too.


And it’s a good thing or else the entire lawn would be yellow. Hot, busy days have killed my lawn and choked the garden area with weeds. It’s nothing a few hours in garden gloves and a few days with the sprinkler can’t fix but when you can’t even find time to locate the sprinkler, you’ve got some problems.

Both June and July were packed full of work on the first floor apartment. We added a dishwasher, replaced a slate (yes slate, don’t ask.) floor, repainted all 6 rooms; even the crossbeams of the drop ceilings and the inside of a few closets because I’m a freak like that, and had the floors refinished.

We then had a week to move everything from the second floor to the first floor so that those floors could be refinished. They should be dry by Tuesday so soon I’ll start repainting everything in that apartment and the hubby and I will repair the many quirks that we learned to live with over the last 10ish years there. We might be done by the end of August. Please please let us be done by the end of August.

When life seems overwhelming I try to take a second to look on the bright side of things. The bright side to the month of August? …At least it won’t be as packed with birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, showers, graduations, and holidays as June and July were. Hmm, even my bright side seems to have a touch of gray. I think someone wrote a song about that.

The plus side to all this activity, besides the obvious cosmetic goodies, is that I now live on the first floor of the building with easier access to the yard. We now have a nice big porch in the back and I can practically lean out the bedroom window and pick from the strawberry patch. Someday, when I’m not covered in paint or sawdust, this is going to be awesome for gardening. Right now though I need to focus on finishing the insides and getting the 2nd floor rented out.

The garden isn’t doing that badly despite my rampant neglect. I think the weeds are providing some shade against all the intense sun and heat we’ve been having lately. I’m sure everything could be greener and bushier if I was able to water everything everyday, but I’m not superwoman and I don’t want to be, so I have spindly tomatoes. Oh well, at least they aren’t dead. The green, red and yellow peppers all seem to be doing fairly well. They are short, but full. I started out with 2 of each type in each container but one of the red pepper plants died and was mysteriously replaced by a basil plant. I saw it and shrugged. I like basil, it can stay.

I really do hope to find some time to get out in the yard and clean everything up a bit. The trumpet vine is running wild. It’s climbed it’s way up the downspouts to the second floor and still has only one single clump of flowers. I plan to try to take it out of the front bed this fall and replant it on the back fence. It is far too aggressive of a plant to be in a small confined area. I’ve been doing a little reading about moving those types of plants and apparently I have quite an underground battle ahead of me so stay tuned for frustrated rants on climbing vines and lessons learned about researching what you plant and not just making choices by the pretty pictures on the packages.