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If it’s not squirrels, it’s ants.


Almost 2 months have gone by since my last post. Why? Because I’m fricken’ busy as hell, that’s why. Our first floor tenants decided to buy their own house and moved out. Good luck to them, but it put me in painting and repair hell so there has been very little time for the garden.

The cool spring we had really threw me for a loop garden-wise. While I was waiting for the weather to warm up, the seedlings all outgrew the planting tray so I transferred them to small pots, put them in the south facing windows and protected them from grazing cats with my trusty squirt bottle. I really wasn’t sure when to put everything outside so I finally just put it all out at once and hoped for the best.

True to New England weather we’ve had many really really big temperature changes this month. Within the span of one week we went from nice comfortable 70 degree days to insanely hot 100 degree days. Now we’re back to 70 and rain which is fine with me because it saves me from having to drag out the hose twice a day to keep everything alive.

So far I’ve been able to harvest some sugar snap peas and some strawberries. The strawberry patch I planted last year is going strong. Only about 1 in 8 of the berries aren’t horribly mutant shaped but, whatever, they all taste the same so that’s fine with me. I’ve seen a few slugs in there so I need to do some research into the best way to get rid of those. Unfortunately I think the strawberries are giving us carpenter ant problems.

Normally each year we get invaded by ants and as soon as we spray the foundation and put some traps inside they go away. This year they are sticking around and I think it is because of the strawberries. My research indicates that carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood, they just burrow holes in it. They eat…. everything else, which seems to include the strawberries because many of them have little snack holes in them. Hopefully we can get rid of them again without having to take the strawberries out. It would really suck to finally have gotten the garden the way I want it to be only to have to take it out again because of ants.